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As a host you have the leading role in this whole experience. People like you make this piece of art transform into an amazing escape room game, and we are here to give you some tips on how to do it in the best way possible.

Houdini didn’t want just to give you the game and leave nothing for your bag of tricks. 95% of the game is ready to play, but the remaining 5% are where the magic happens. Every great illusionist needs his heirs to perform the greatest tricks, and this time Houdini needs a little bit of help from you.

The set-up has 4 basic steps, which take around 30 minutes of preparation. Of course, if you’re willing to put in more effort, you can make it even more amazing.

Follow the next easy steps to bring the mystery of Houdini’s secret room right into your home:


First thing you need to do is download the game from our website and print it on a regular home/office color printer (A4/letter paper size). For a better filing you can use a thicker paper, but any paper will get the job done.

Houdini’s secret room is played as one team (2-6 players), or by multiple teams – like a competition.

If there are more than 6 players, don’t worry, just divide them into teams and print out one copy for each team. This way they can compete against each other, and the first team that escapes gets the privilege of becoming Houdini’s heirs.

2-6 players – print 1 copy

7-12 players – print 2 copies

13-18 players – print 3 copies and so on

Remember that you can print the game as many times as you want. If you are a teacher for example, it means that you can use this game for every generation in your classroom and become the coolest teacher in your school.


Paper glue,  scissors, pencil and a stapler (or tape)

paper glue, scisssors and a stapler

Almost everyone already has these items in their homes, and that’s why it’s very easy to start preparing the escape as soon as you buy the game. One of our goals was to make this game accessible at any time form the comfort of your home and to be playable using these everyday items on a budget.


Few of the puzzles need your final touch to become wondrous tricks. Preparing these puzzles takes no more then 5-10 minutes and within the game kit you will receive a detailed manual describing how to do it properly. You only have to:

1. Divide the characters by cutting them

game characters

2. Staple these two illustrations together

3. Make an imprint on one of the sheets

4. Separate the 3 challenges


5. Choose an empty table

Choose an empty table where the game will be played. On the table, put:

    • The 1stchallenge
    • The six characters
    • the paper glue,
    • the scissors,
    • the pencil.
    • No need for the stapler or tape

Houdini’s secret room requires players to solve 3 challenges. The easiest way of orchestrating this game is to give the players the first challenge, and when they solve it, just pass them the second one, and finally the third one. This way the escape room will be played as a tabletop game, but if you like to be more creative you can use some tips shown in section 4.

…. and that’s it, a piece of cake.


You should know that an Escape Room game doesn’t start when players begin solving the challenges. Actually, the experience starts a bit earlier, with a short intro – a tool that a Game master should use to increase players’ immersion into the story. Read out load the storyline to the players.

houdini secret room

Spice it up with a dramatic voice or, even better, use some of your acting skills. Well, it’s all about the fun, isn’t it?

Set the 60 minutes timer and let the fun begin.

From now on your role is to observe the players. Use How To Play instruction manual (also included in the kit) to check team progress. This manual contains a detailed walkthrough the game and a list of hints for every challenge. It takes about 45-60 minutes for the players to finish the game.


Creative people don’t like rules, they enjoy the freedom of choice.

That’s why we created this game with just a few rules, and everything else is a product of your and the player’s imagination.

  1. Players have 1 hour to escape the secret room
  2. They can use a maximum of 5 hints (using the HINTER)
  3. They can stop the time for 5 minutes (using the TIME KILLER)
  4. Every time they get a combination wrong, they lose 3 minutes.

Even these rules can be changed and your guests will still have a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment, just set up the game and enjoy it.

What about after the game?

You should get the players involved even after they finish the game by making a short debrief. At this point the kids are having a blast, the fell smart, accomplished and they want to talk about the game. Go through the puzzles, ask them which character they liked the most, what they found the most interesting, which was the hardest challenge etc. Sharing these impressions brings the game full circle, making the experience more complete and fun. Better yet, make a themed photo with all the posters included in the game kit and post it on your social media profiles.


With a little more effort, you can make this game even more amazing. For example you can put the 2nd and 3rd challenge into two different boxes and seal them with padlocks.


Hide the two boxes in the room, and place the first challenge on the table. These combination locks bring new dimension of experience. As the players try to physically open them, the intensity of the game slowly increases.

You can even put the challenges in three different rooms and lock them with the padlocks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your creative ideas, because there isn’t much space for error, but there are far more opportunities to make it amazing.

Send invitations to the players


We have created editable invitations that are included in the kit. Change the name, place and date of your party and send it to your guest via Facebook, Instagram etc. If you want to keep the old-school style, print out the invitations and send them via local post office.

Create a better atmosphere

  • Play background mysterious music from our playlist.
    Check out Houdini’s secret room playlist. The mysterious music adds so much to the experience.
  • Turn the lights low and put some candles around.
  • Get toys/items that suit the storyline (like “crystal” balls, hats, sticks, black tablecloth etc.)
  • Set posters around the room. You can find them in the game kit.
  • Serve some drinks and snacks. The game tastes better this way!



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